Basic application features

Intuitive and straightforward application control

The user interface emphasizes the ease of application control and the availability of information needed for task completion. Uniform application components reduce the time required to train employees.


Clear application


The dashboard is the central user interface for working with all applications available to employees. Applications are categorized into logical groups by their purpose.


Simple and intuitive

User Interface

All applications provide identical visual elements emphasizing intuitive operation with minimal training needs. Applications support easy localization to additional languages without technical knowledge.


Common application

Application Layout

The primary screen of the applications contains the same functional parts:


Identical form

Attachments tab

Built-in functions for working with attachments support:

  • Viewing and printing of documents directly from the application,
  • Uploading documents from a workstation,
  • Uploading scanned documents from private or shared scan storage,
  • Creation of documents from MS Office templates,
  • Automated filling of MS Word documents based on templates with document variables,
  • Updating edited MS Office documents directly in the application,
  • Locking and unlocking of documents with the limitation of editing the same document simultaneously
    by multiple employees,
  • Controlled versioning of edited MS Office documents with the possibility of publishing or revoking changes,
  • Renaming of documents and categorization by type and subtype,
  • Printing of documents on network printer selected automatically by document subtype.

Screen: “Attachments tab”

Screen: “Related Items tab”

Related Items tab

Employees can create links among any application records for easier access. The employee can open the linked record directly from the created link.

  • Definition of links among any related records,
  • Bidirectional linking among different applications,
  • Viewing of the corresponding record directly from a link,
  • Creating of relations automatically by applications.

Optional Access Permissions tab

Employees can provide additional access permissions to specific records to other organizational units, job positions, or specific employees. The application sets access permissions beyond
the standard access permissions.

  • Additional access permissions to records beyond standard access permission settings,
  • Possibility to make the record additionally accessible for other organizational units, job positions, or specific employees.

Screen: “Optional Access Permissions tab”

Screen: “Processing History tab”

Processing History tab

The application captures the process progress and chronologically displays the list of performed activities.

  • Capturing of process progress performed at the activity level,
  • Displaying of activities chronologically ordered by time and employee.

Audit tab

Applications record all changes at the record item level. The audit tab is accessible only to users assigned the Auditor application role. The auditor can filter records by employee’s name and type of modification. Applications can record the event of viewing of sensitive personal databy employees. This audit information is available through a dedicated report.

  • Recording of content changes performed on item level basis,
  • Viewing of audit log chronologically ordered by time, activity, and employee,
  • Searching of audit log by the employee and item.

Screen: “Audit tab”


Software architecture

Robust and reliable technologies

The DMSFLOW application is built on proven technologies from Nintex and Microsoft. 
The low-code Nintex Automation platform enables the rapid development of new applications and possible modifications of applications according to customer requirements. 
The documents that the applications work with are securely stored in the Microsoft Sharepoint Online or Alfresco CE environment.
The application is operated entirely in the cloud or the customer’s environment, according to preference.
  • Nintex Automation On-Prem (K2 Five)
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Online
  • Alfresco CE
  • Microsoft SQL

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