Document management
Business process automation

DMSFLOW is a universal application for document management and process automation, adapted to the needs of every organization.


Create and categorize documents managed in a central document repository with controlled access and validity.

Share the necessary information

Make information and documents available to employees according to organizational structure, competencies, and assigned tasks.


Be independent of the work availability of employees by distributing tasks in the team, delegating, or automatically assigning tasks during the absence.

Measure organizational effectiveness

Gain insight into the status of processing customer requests, tasks, and teams' performance across the organization.


Maximize productivity, and increase efficiency with digital transformation.

Accelerate your business by improving customer experience and increasing productivity through data digitization and process automation.

Discover new business models and create opportunities to increase competitiveness.

DMSFLOW will enable you to implement the necessary innovations and support dynamic changes in your company.

A universal platform and application ecosystem

DMSFLOW is a dynamically growing and easily expandable platform built on proven and reliable technologies, configurable for all future innovations. Supports work in a dynamically changing organization. Contains many applications ready for immediate use.


Core Applications

Organizational Structure

Management of the organizational structure with the support of the records of several organizations

User Profile

Personalized settings of the application, scheduled absence and notifications

Federated Search

Centralized search of records in all applications

Task Portal

A list of tasks created by applications and assigned to employees for processing

Business Requests

Definition and processing of any request and task within the organization

Business Partners

Central registration of partner organizations, entrepreneurs, and persons

Communication Portal

Multichannel communication with business partners and within the organization


A central place for application setup, the definition of processes, and templates


Current state of DMSFLOW

and still grows…


Business applications

Purchase Orders

Registration, approval and processing of received and sent orders


Registration and processing of received and sent claims for goods and services

Withdrawals From The Contract

Registration and processing of e-shop requests for withdrawal from the contract

Receipt Of Goods

Registration and management of receipt of goods for warehouses and stores

Expedition Of Goods

Records and management of the shipment of goods from warehouses and stores

Managed Documents

Managed origination, publication, and revision of the organization's documents

Records Management

Registration of records management plan, registry labels, and disposal of electronic documents

Contract Documentation

Preparation, signing, registration, and control of the validity of contractual documents


Registration, approval, and processing of received and issued invoices


Registration and processing of bank statements and payment orders

Asset management

Registration of movable and immovable assets of the company

Service and maintenance

Planning of regular service and maintenance of the movable and immovable property


Business areas

Processing of help desk requests

Creation of requests by employees or applications, assignment to employees responsible for their processing, according to configurable workflows and organizational hierarchy.

Central records management

Creation, categorization, digital signing, and access management to documents based on their content, origin, or contractual relationship, with regular revisioning inside the organization or with business partners.

Central purchase of goods and services

Collection of requests for the purchase of goods and services, approved according to configurable workflows, and subsequent automated sending of consolidated purchase orders to suppliers.

Automated processing of received invoices

Record and receipt of invoices in paper or electronic form, data extraction, multi-step or automatic invoice approval according to configurable rules, and generation of payment orders for reimbursement.

Processing of purchase orders

Configurable processes for approving and processing received purchase orders from e-commerce or internal systems, and shipping ordered goods from warehouses delivered by selected carriers.

Shipping and receipt of goods

Automation of expedition processes, planning of distribution, and transportation of goods through transport companies, own transport, between warehouses and business partners in different locations.

Invoicing of goods and services

Generation and sending of individual, collective, and regular invoices based on processed orders, registered contractual relationships, or other agenda.

Automation of e-shop processes

Complex processing of e-shop orders from ordering goods to delivery to customers, with integration with the warehouse and accounting system, with support for both retail and wholesale sales.

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